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The sign that is used to differentiate the services or goods of a particular trader from those which are not created by the same trader is called a trade mark. The trade mark application to services or goods increases their value. The trade mark may be in the mode of a letter, word, phrase, number, logo, symbol, Picture, scent, sound, colour, shape or packaging aspect or a combination of them.

The registered trade mark gives proprietary rights, allowing the proprietor to prevent others cost effectively from employing the same or a similar brand or mark. The protection that is provided to the registered trade mark is restricted to the goods or services for which the trade mark is registered or similar services or goods. Therefore, the description of the goods or services at the application time is a crucial aspect of the process of application and it is a part of our service at patent trademark lawyer Perth.

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At trademark lawyer Perth, we are professionals in law of trade mark and we are dedicated to provide one personalized client service and communication. Commercial lawyers Perth offers services for trade mark registration on the basis of a fixed fee.

In simple language, our guide for Australian trade mark will explain the procedures and requirements of the trade mark registration in Australia.

Our guide for Australian trade mark gives a more inclusive explanation of the thoughts needed to select a trade mark, the pertinent services and goods, and the process of application. On registration, your trade mark will be protected for ten years from the application date and it may be renewed for an indefinite period in epochs of 10 years. A trade mark registration can be done throughout Australia.

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