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It is an official contract that unites both the parties together. If the franchisee has chosen to take up franchising to grow his/her business then it is suggested to get in touch with a legal agent to assist the aspirant through the legal process and agreements. Being a neophyte in franchising business, one requires the help of foreman/woman with excellent proficiency of the franchising mode, technicalities and other legal agreements.

Commercial lawyers Perth is a renowned company with best and experienced Franchise Agreement Lawyer Perth, who act for both franchisors and franchisees. Our company represents many big franchisor companies in commercial litigation and dispute matters. We also review Franchise agreements and disclosure documents which have been given to prospective franchisees by franchisor and provide advice on the rights and obligations under the Franchise agreement before it is signed.

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Purpose of developing Franchise Agreement


  • The agreement must strictly display the terms and conditions on which the franchisee and franchiser have agreed.
  • It must state the intellectual properties that a franchiser gives to his/her franchisees and should also make sure the advantages to both the parties.
  • The agreement must give a clear explanation of the obligations of both the parties.

It is important for a franchisee to completely understand the uncertainties and their obligations under a Franchise agreement prior to entering a Franchise agreement.

Our Franchise Agreement lawyers Perth can provide you useful and commercial legal advice on the clauses of the Franchise Agreement, if you have a signed franchise agreement. In case of a dispute, we can also provide legal advice on your rights and obligations under the franchise agreement and guide on the dispute resolution clauses. For franchisers, our well experienced and professional Franchise Agreement lawyers Perth can help to resolve disputes with franchisees and help to retrieve outstanding franchise fees.

If you have the aspiration to take your business to the next level then franchising is the best step forward and the very first step towards growing your business is documenting the legal rights and obligations for franchisees. For any further question or legal advice contact us – Commercial Lawyers Perth.

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