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Individuals and businesses go into contractual agreements on everyday basis, and it is important mostly when you are operating a business that you have all your contracts drafted and reviewed by a specialist contract lawyer who has a fair amount of expertise in this area. Our, Commercial Lawyers Perth’s  can advise you on your obligations and protect your interests. Contracts contribute a large part of our service. Our Commercial contract lawyer Perth gives consultation to all clients to evaluate their requirements.

Written contractual agreements protect and enforce your rights and responsibilities that you have as a business owner or partner, an employee or client, a supplier, or even a shareholder. Verbal agreements are obligatory by law but they are tough to enforce as the terms are often unclear and disputes generally emerge because parties to the agreement can’t decide what was actually agreed upon. On this ground, it is important to have a good contract lawyer. Contract lawyers at Commercial Lawyers Perth can help you draft terms in a clear and concise manner that best protects both the parties’ interests and understands their specific needs.

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Our lawyers are capable of drafting all kinds of commercial contracts. If you already have contracts in place, in such cases we can help you to:

  • Update your previous contracts to ensure that your interests are protected enough.
  • Add clauses to contracts that permit you to recover your costs (legal cost and interest)
  • Draft clauses that protect your capability to recover property that is leased, rented or supplied to another person or company pursuant to a contract, and
  • Make sure that your terms and conditions are acquiescent with the Personal Property Securities Act, 2009.

If you have any further queries or want to know more about services feel free to contact us at Commercial Lawyers Perth.



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