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Firstly we wish to tell you that a trust is nothing but a legal structure. One can vest the control of one’s assets in a discrete party to the eventual assets beneficiaries by this legal structure. The trustee will have fiduciary duties to the beneficiaries and will have to take action in the interests of them to preserve and protect the trust assets. The powers of the trustee will be governed by trust deed terms and will be affected by the principles of common law appropriate for trusts as well as fiduciary duties, and the Trustees Act 1962(WA) requirements.

The kinds of trusts are numerous, including

(1) discretionary as well as non-discretionary trusts

(2) discretionary family trusts and

(3) unit trusts.

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The structures of trusts may be used for various purposes, including

(1) conditional on principles which govern evading creditors etc. to protect from the access of third party by putting them in the trust that is not controlled by the relevant party

(2) provide income and assets for beneficiaries exclusive of providing ownership and control to the beneficiaries

(3) looking for avoiding an interest conflict by utilizing a ‘blind trust’ and

(4) to minimize liability of taxation by employing a structure of trust to deal out income. If you take appropriate guidance from the commercial law lawyers Perth, it will really be helpful.

Lawyers for trusts Perth has a wide range of experience in advising clients with regard to trusts. If you need legal advice with respect to trusts, please contact trust lawyer Perth to organize a meeting in order that we can think about your particular circumstances. It is always possible for you to contact us using the cited email Id or phone number. You will be guided by our representatives. When you need more data or information, connect to the Commercial lawyers Perth.

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