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A license agreement is a legally binding written contract between two parties – the Licensor and Licensee, where the licensor permits the licencee to use a property under a specific set of conditions and parameters. It may include granting permits to the licensee to produce and sell goods, apply a brand name or trademark belonging to the licensor, or use patented innovations and technology owned by the licensor.
License agreements can also be used by a group of companies to protect the intellectual property from third-party claims or unethical use. It also protects the intellectual property from third party claims if there is any insolvency of its subsidiary. It also enables the group to claim tax benefits by permitting the subsidiaries to claim the license agreement cost as business costs.

Licensing Agreement Lawyers Perth

Licensing Agreements Lawyers Perth at Commercial Lawyers provide legal advice and guidance where issues and queries regarding license agreements are concerned. These agreements empower the licensee to use the owned, patented or licensed innovation of the licensor for an expense, while also getting complete control and responsibility over protected innovations. Often clients use a licensing agreement to protect the ownership of their intellectual property while capitalising or commercializing their innovations and earning profits through them. Licensing Agreements Lawyers can tailor the agreements to your needs. Licenses are based on patents, copyrights, trademarks, registered designs and trade secrets.


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What Is There In A Standard Licensing Agreement?

A Licensing Agreement includes all specific terms and conditions acceptable to the licensor. It also covers the below points to make the agreement legally enforceable:

  • Specifying the Intellectual property being licensed.
  • Scope of the licensing agreement and how and to what extent the intellectual property is being licensed.
  • Territory Clauses stating the place where the intellectual property is being licensed.
  • Duration Clauses mentioning the period or for how long the intellectual property would be licensed for.
  • Limitation clauses that mentions how or to what extent the utilisation the intellectual property is limited.
  • Terms of renewal stating if and when the license for the intellectual property can be renewed.
  • The licensing agreement should also state the means through which the intellectual property would be making money for the licensor along with the amount.
  • It should mention whether the intellectual property license can be transferred or sublicensed and if so, how.
  • Other legal clauses like indemnities, GST, rights to termination of the agreement etc. should also be clearly stated.
How Can Our Commercial Lawyers Can Help You With License Agreement?

How Can Our Commercial Lawyers Can Help You With License Agreement?

Commercial Lawyers Perth has experience and knowledge when it comes to dealing with any kind of query you might have related to License Agreement understandings. This includes:

  • Instructing on the desirability of the License Agreement clauses as per a customer’s needs;
  • Instructing on the term and conditions of the License agreement assertions after careful consideration.
  • Incorporation of rights and commitments, instalments, and tax assessment results into the written licensing agreement;
  • Collaborating with authority professionals;
  • Counselling and guiding the customer on breach of the license agreements assertions.

If you want to seek legal guidance and get to understand the licensing agreement assertions, Commercial Lawyers Perth is your best choice. Please get in touch through phone or email to schedule a meeting with us, so that we are able to understand your requirements and cater to your legal license agreement queries.

How Can Our Commercial Lawyers Can Help You With License Agreement?

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