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The Australian employment Law is governed by The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and comprises both the Federal and State legislation. The Fair Work Act is federal legislation governing workplace relationships in Australia supported by other state and territory legislation related to areas of employment like work, health and safety, as well as non—discrimination. The Fair Work Act presents the minimum standards of employment, which encompass the rights and obligations of employers and employees. It also includes the maximum work hours, rights to flexibility at work, redundancy pay, minimum requirements of notice, annual leaves and sick leaves.

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The majority of the employees in Australia fall under the Federal legislation. In Western Australia, it is very likely for you as an employee to be in the federal system, if you work for a company, the Federal Government, or a non-profit organization selling products or services. The Federal Court and the Federal Circuit Court are the courts that deal with any legal cases related to employment issues.


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The Employment Work Contract refers to the legal understanding between a company and its workers. Its terms and conditions can be considered in writing, verbally or by lead. Work contracts and strategies are the fundamental pieces of administration of a company and the administration of business-worker connections. The Employment Law incorporates a variety of common legal, legislative and industrial tools across the state and federal lines of government. It includes labour law, workplace law, human resources as well as cultural management in workplaces. It also encompasses a company’s recruitment process, inductions and training, employment contracts, policies and procedures, bullying, discrimination, compliance, performance management and terminations. Employment Contract Lawyers Perth believes that the readiness of strategies in work, contracts and agreements are not merely things required for the effective running of a company, but that such readiness is imperative for the moderation of any hazard related legal cases.

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Our legal team for Employment Contract Lawyers Perth has the relevant experience and knowledge in drafting business contracts and auditing them. Our Employment Contract Lawyers also elicits and counsels employees on their rights, commitments and qualifications under a work contract. We also assist bosses or managers with the clarification regarding their current work contracts. We can plan new work contracts, agreements and arrangements to help them deal proficiently with both employer and employee. Employment Contract Lawyers Perth offers cost-effective legal counselling and guidance concerning human resources and workplace solutions for both the employers and employees.

As commercial lawyers, we protect your interest first regarding any compliance and business protection, workplace solutions, or settlement options to avoid extended litigation.

Need Help With An Employment Contract? Consult Commercial Lawyers Perth

Need Help With An Employment Contract? Consult Commercial Lawyers Perth

Employment Contract Lawyers Perth has always maintained professionalism and a decent relationship with our clients to provide the best legal services.

We can help with contract termination of employment including senior executive dismissals. We can also assist in employee entitlements, contract reviews, or action against discrimination irrespective of age, sex or culture, bullying, workplace harassment, and performance management.

So, in any instance and under any circumstance, if you require any kind of legal guidance concerning business and workplace contracts, please get in touch with us! We have experienced Employment Contract Lawyers who can guide and help you take the correct legal action, as per your specific conditions.

Need Help With An Employment Contract? Consult Commercial Lawyers Perth

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