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A caveat is a written notice that appears on the certificate of the title of a property informing anyone who wish to deal with the property, that the person who lodged the caveat, has an involvement in that property. Lodging a caveat over a property restrain the property owner from dealing, selling or mortgaging the property without your (person who lodged the caveat) knowledge.

If someone obligated your money, our commercial law lawyers Perth can guide you on whether you have the permission to lodge a caveat over their property and organize for the caveat to be lodged. This will then provide you some certainty to make sure the debt is paid. In case someone has lodged a caveat over your property, we can guide you to get rid of that caveat and ease this procedure for you.

If you need legal advice related to caveats, contact our experienced and professional Caveat lawyers Perth to fix a meeting so that we may take into consideration your specific situations. You can give us a call or send us an email, we will get back to you shortly.

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Why to opt for Commercial Lawyers Perth while dealing with caveats

Primary purpose of Caveats:

  • They forbid the registered owner of a parcel of land from selling or transferring the land without first informing the caveat holder.
  • They inform persons who subsequently get an interest in the land of the existence of an earlier interest with respect to that land.

For a person to officially list a caveat over an area of land, he or she must either have a straight interest in the land or a contractual contract that allows the lodgment of caveat.

Commercial lawyers Perth, is experienced in counselling and helping clients regarding all aspects of dealing with caveats, including:

  • Drafting and analyzing clauses and records that would generate a caveatable interest.
  • Guidance on essential requirements and consequences of a caveat in the situations.
  • Drafting and lodging of a caveat as a representative of the client
  • Advising on the ability of imposing the caveats
  • Placing aside caveats and withstanding applications to set aside caveats.

So if you seek legal association in context to any caveatable case we would be the best choice for you. Our contact details are displayed in our website. You can contact us either over phone or email. We would be more than glad to sort out your issue.

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