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The term ‘Caveat’ means ‘let a person beware’ which is a warning consisting of certain conditions, requisites or limitations. In legal terms, caveats are a notice issued to ensure no action is taken without informing the party through notice, also known as the Caveator.

What Is Caveats?

Caveats are written notices through which any person interested in the property can file against the property’s certificate. It will inform everyone else interested to the terms in the Caveator’s notice and thereby possibly restricting any dealing, selling or even mortgaging without the Caveator’s knowledge. A caveat protects the Caveator’s interest. If you make a judicious decision, to say, purchase a portion of land, a caveat lawyer can help you to file a caveat and register it over the property with the intention to ensure there is no involvement of a third party before settlement.

Caveats thus prohibit the Caveator or the registered landowner from third-party interference of any sorts, including the selling or transferring the land without informing or getting the Caveator notified of the same. For example, most lenders whose loans are secured by portions of land have caveats filed over those portions of land. Apart from this, a caveat lawyer also registers caveats to notify people about who can gain interest in the land where previous interest concerning that land exists. However, for a person to file an official caveat over a piece of or portion of land, the person should either have a direct interest on that land or a contract allowing for the registration of a caveat.


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Caveat Disputes

The legislation that governs caveats in Western Australia (WA) is the Transfer of Land Act 1893, and lodging a caveat is far from simple. In most cases, a caveat dispute calls for urgent action and therefore, should be dealt with by experienced caveat lawyers. Commercial Lawyers Perth WA is highly knowledgeable and will counsel and help you appropriately if you need any assistance dealing with caveats. Once a person lodges a caveat on the property title, he/she will get a letter from the Registrar of Titles (Landgate) via post. There will be a 21- day time limit to get an order from the Supreme Court to extend the operation of the caveat and to prevent excessive costs. This may result in caveat disputes.

When can I lodge A Caveat?

If you have any legal or unprejudiced interest in the title of the land, you can undoubtedly lodge a caveat. However, you need to have a ‘caveatable interest’ on the piece of estate or land. This is a requirement if you were to lodge a caveat, as no caveat lawyer would agree to lodge a caveat simply because that person owes you money. If you lodge a caveat, and it turns out to be unfair with no justifiable ‘caveatable interest’, you may need to pay compensation for the financial loss incurred by the registered owner.

Consult Experienced Caveat Lawyers In Perth Now!

Consult Experienced Caveat Lawyers In Perth Now!

Caveat lawyers Perth is experienced in dealing with all aspects of caveats. So, if you wish to seek any kind of legal counselling or assistance with any caveatable case, Caveat Lawyers Perth is your best option.

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Consult Experienced Caveat Lawyers In Perth Now!

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