Borrowers And Guarantors

A guarantor is a person who has assured the return of a loan on behalf of the borrower. They have to be well-versed with all the legal documents involved. If you are or will be a guarantor, we are at your service with an in-depth explanation of all the required documents. We are here to provide clarity to any loan document you present to us. We will do our best to give you concise explanations, so you can be confident in putting your best foot forward.

Assistance offered by Commercial Lawyers Perth to its Clients include:

  • Loan Taken Out By Children – A person is likely to become a guarantor if they are a parent of the person taking out a loan. If your son/daughter is planning to get a loan with you being a guarantor, we are here to advise you through the entire legal process.
  • Loan Taken Out By A Spouse – Your better-half could quickly get a loan with you being a guarantor. Whether it is a business loan or a real estate investment, if they plan to acquire a loan with you being a guarantor, we are committed to providing accurate and complete knowledge/advise of the legal documentation. We are updated with all the recent law amendments.
  • Loan Taken Out By Any Beneficiary – Commercial Lawyers Perth can enhance your legal knowledge and advise a company or trustee who is or will be a guarantor for a loan taken out by any beneficiary. It is paramount that we give the necessary advice that you need to be confident as a guarantor

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Seeking More Than Just Legal Advice?
Providing legal advice is our premier service, but it is not the only area we can help you with. Once done with the understanding of the legal documents, one needs to go through the authentication of the documents. Why wander around if you could get it all done under one roof?

Other Benefits Of Taking Services From Commercial Lawyers Perth

Commercial Lawyers Perth will advise you through the legal documentation; once you decide to be a guarantor, they will lead you through all the signatures you need to do for bank agreements. They will witness and supervise you through the entire signing process. Authentication of the following Documents is taken care of by us:

  • Guarantee and Indemnity documents
  • Mortgage documents
  • Statutory Declarations

Note: We facilitate our clients with ‘Solicitor’s Certificate’ as and when asked by banks.

 Genuine Advice And Services At Commercial Lawyers Perth

Genuine Advice And Services At Commercial Lawyers Perth

When it comes to being a Guarantor, seeking guidance is inevitable. The client is in urgent need of a professional who not only gives reliable and updated legal advice but also guides him/her through the document authentication process.

At Commercial Lawyers Perth, we have a great team of Commercial Lawyers who will be your supervisors, guides, and assistants regarding all the legal formalities related to loans. As far as bank regulations are concerned, one can reach out to us anytime, even on Saturdays or off-work hours. Our legal guidance is just a call/email away from you no matter where you live; if you live in a remote area, you can always reach out to us through video conferencing.

 Genuine Advice And Services At Commercial Lawyers Perth

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