Delineating the responsibility of Borrowers and Guarantors.

The status of a Guarantor in any type of loan agreement is substantial hence while entering a legal contract it is important to understand all the clauses of the legal document in detail. We present legal information in a lucid manner to the person who wishes to be a guarantor. Therefore if you have any confusion regarding the legal aspects of a loan document where you are supposed to be a guarantor then you can contact us.

The beneficial advice provided by commercial lawyers Perth
Advice regarding guarantee bonds includes the following:

  • Children often seek financial aid from their parents hence we provide information to the parents regarding the legal processes involved if they agree to act as the guarantor for the loan taken by their son/daughter.
  • In a marital relationship advice regarding the role of being a guarantor is explained in detail to the spouse if he/she acts as a guarantor for a business loan or real estate investment which has been taken by his/her partner.
  • We are adept at providing all the information and legal implications to the trustee or company that has decided to be the personal guarantor.

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Legal tasks conducted by commercial lawyers Perth

Apart from the advice provided by us, we also specialize in conducting the following tasks:

  • Once the client has understood and agreed to be the guarantor we will be there to witness all the signatures that will be done on the bank agreement.
  • The following documents are authenticated by us:
    • Guarantee and Indemnity
    • Mortgage document
    • Statutory Declaration.
  • If the bank requires Solicitor’s Certificate it can also be provided by us.

The utility of our legal advice and services
Our team of proficient commercial lawyers is always ready to illuminate you regarding the particulars of a loan document if you wish to act as a guarantor for another person. Hence legal guidance is at your fingertips as far as regulations for Borrowers and Guarantors are concerned. Our services are accessible at any time and we provide legal counseling even on Saturdays or at odd hours. Even if you are staying in a remote location you can avail our services through video conferencing.

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